Meet our team

The team is composed by architects and computer science engineers,
both practitioners and students in the referred specialities


António Menezes Leitão

António Menezes Leitão has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, a MSc in Electronics Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, all from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon. Currently he is Assistant Professor at the same university, senior researcher at INESC-ID, within the Graphics and Interaction Group, and Coordinator of ADA, teaching, lecturing, and researching on bringing together the fields of Computer Science and Architecture. | ORCID

Inês Caetano

Inês Caetano has an MSc and a PhD in Architecture from IST. She has also studied at Politecnico de Milano (Italy) during her Master's. She is currently an early stage researcher at INESC-ID, a teaching assistant at IST, and an Algorithmic Design Specialist at BUILT CoLAB. Her work and research focus on algorithmic design strategies to support the design, analysis, optimization, and fabrication of building envelopes. | Portfolio | ORCID

Inês Pereira

Inês Pereira is a Master's graduate both in Architecture and Data Science from IST, an early stage researcher at INESC-ID, and a Computer Science and Engineering PhD candidate at the same university. Her research focuses on optimization processes and performance-based approaches to architectural design. | Portfolio | ORCID

Renata Castelo-Branco

Renata Castelo-Branco is a Master's graduate in Architecture from IST, an early stage researcher at INESC-ID, and a Computer Science and Engineering PhD candidate at the same university. She has also studied at the Technical University of Graz (Austria) during her Master's. She is currently researching representation methods for algorithmic design. | Portfolio | ORCID


Afonso Gonçalves | Project Architect at McGuinness Architects, London, United Kingdom.
Ana Fiúza | Architect. Working at Immoval SA, Fribourg, Switzerland.
André Nogueira | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Google, Zurich, Switzerland.
António Afonso Martins | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Facebook, Sunnyvale CA, USA.
Artur Alkaim | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Nezasa, Lisbon, Portugal.
Bruno Fernandes | Architect. BIM Manager at Quadrante, Lisbon, Portugal.
Bruno Ferreira | Senior Software Engineer at Salsify, Lisbon, Portugal.
Carmo Cardoso | Architectural Designer at STRABALA+ Architecture, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China.
Catarina Belém  | Computer Science Engineer. PhD candidate at University of California, Irvine (UCI).
Catarina Brás | Computer Science Engineer.
Catarina Oliveira | Architect. Working at Carlos Carvalho Decoradores, Lisbon, Portugal.
Catarina Rocha | Architect. UX Researcher & Strategist at Fullsix, Lisbon, Portugal.
Cristiana Guarda | MSc student (in Civil Engineering) at IST. Working at Norton Edifícios Industriais, Lisbon, Portugal.
Daniel Fermoselle | Software Engineer at Critical TechWorks, Lisbon, Portugal.
Diogo Santos | Computer Science Engineer.
Fábio Pinheiro | Computer Science Engineer.
Filipe André Cabecinhas | Computer Science Engineer.
Filipe Cristóvão | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Klarna Bank AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Francisco Loio | Computer Science Engineer.
Gabriele Landim | Architect in São Paulo, Brazil.
Gonçalo Araújo | Architect. PhD candidate at IST and researcher at IN+.
Guilherme Barreto | Software Engineer at Siscog, Lisbon, Portugal.
Guilherme Ferreira | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Beorn Technologies, Toulouse, France.
Guilherme Ilunga | Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Guilherme Santos | Computer Science Engineer.
Helena Martinho | Architect. PhD candidate at Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Building Performance research group.
Hugo Correia | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Onfindo, Lisbon, Portugal.
Joana Cabral Mollwitz | Architect. Product Owner / Scrum Master in North Jutland, Denmark.
João Granado Marques | Civil Engineer and MSc student (in Computer Science and Engineering) at IST.
José Freitas | Architect. Consulting Solutions at PwC Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal.
José Lopes | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Google, Munich, Germany.
Luís Silveira dos Santos | Assistant Professor at Aalborg University, North Jutland, Denmark. Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology.
Mafalda Cesar das Neves | Architect. Executive Administrative Assistant at TAP Air Portugal
Maria Beatriz Vilhena | Architect & Photographer. Working at Ganko office for architecture, Milano, Lombardia.
Maria João Sammer | Architect at .XPRESSION, Lisbon, Portugal.
Marta Magalhães da Silva | Architect.
Matilde Secca | Architect. Producer and Host at Antena 2, Lisbon, Portugal.
Naim Korqa | Architect. LOT-Z Architekten AG, Zurich, Switzerland.
Pedro Alfaiate | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Opensoft, Lisbon, Portugal.
Pedro Lima | Architect.
Pedro Ramos | Computer Science Engineer.
Rafael Reia | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Yieldr, Amesterdam, Netherlands.
Ricardo David Francisco | Architect.
Ricardo Filipe | Computer Science Engineer.
Rita Aguiar | Architect and developer at Reope, Oslo, Norway.
Rita Fernandes | Independent Architect in Lisbon, Portugal.
Rodrigo Correia | Computer Science Engineer. Working at Siscog, Lisbon, Portugal.
Rui Ventura | Sofware Engineer at, Setúbal, Portugal.
Sara Garcia | Computational Designer and Researcher, PhD.
Sara Proença | Architect.
Sofia Feist | Architect, Computational Designer, Researcher. Working at BUILT CoLAB, Lisbon, Portugal.
Sofia Sousa | Architect. Data Analyst at Deloitte, Lisbon, Portugal.
Susana Martins | Architect. Head of BIM at Bouygues Renovation Privée IdF, Paris, France.
Tiago Rodrigues | Computer Science Engineer.
Tomás Cunha | Software Engineer at Talkdesk, Lisbon, Portugal.