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Algorithmic Design for Architecture (ADA) is a research group that fuses computation with architecture, urban planning and engineering. Our research not only focuses on ways to aid architects to make virtual models of their buildings but it also helps architects find creative and more complex shapes. The objective is to guide these state-of-the-art projects through the constructive reality, as well as to improve their performance. Our group focuses on creatively solving architectural, urban and engineering problems, making a full integration of these disciplines with the most scientific rigor available methods can provide. This group is composed of a multidisciplinary team of architects and computer science engineers.


Algorithmic Design allows for the modelling of highly complex geometries that would pose some challenges for manual design tools. Algorithmic Design entails a parametric modelling philosophy, meaning the design can be manipulated through variable parameters. This allows the designer to explore a wider range of possibilities rapidly and with little effort. The degree of control over modelling systems offered by programming enables the normal tool-user to become a tool-maker.

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