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Algorithmic Thinking

Architecture and design are ever-evolving disciplines that seek to exceed their barriers with every new creation. The complexity of contemporary designs, allied to the pressing requirements for energy- and cost-efficiency, is rendering current design tools inapt. Architects and designers intoerested in modelling complex shapes, mechanizing design tasks, or evaluating the performance of their designs find considerable limitations in the current Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and analysis tools.
Algorithmic Design (AD), an approach that entails the creation of designs through algorithmic descriptions, offers a solution to the problem. Programming allows a CAD, BIM, or analysis tool to be amplified with new capabilities, overcoming the limitations that hinder the design process. There have already been considerable developments in the area of AD, and several tools have been proposed. Famous examples include Processing, Grasshopper, and VisualLisp.
Given that the evident need for computation knowledge in all professions, we cnsider this to be a crucial topic for university students to learn.

Images: Works developed by M.Arch. students at IST University, modeled after existing architectural projects.


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