Here you can find some of the work we develop on algorithmic modelling of complex geometries

Parametric Modelling

In the past years, there has been an increased use of programming tools in architectural design, because they allow architects not only to achieve nouvelle shapes, but also to rapidly experiment and vary their designs. ADA has developed textual algorithmic design tools, which allow scaling of architectural designs in a more rapid and efficient way.

Absolute World Towers | Original Project by MAD Architects

Complex geometries

Using algorithmic processes as agents for form generation, a wide range of complex geometries can be explored and manipulated, including shapes which would have been difficult to explore using traditional manual means.

Image: Markthal Rotterdam | Original Project by MVRDV

Parametric Design

Project: Parametric Façade Design and Development | Lisbon 2016

Project developed in collaboration with Atelier dos Remédios and FORA architectural studios for a design competition of a residential building in Lisbon. The ADA team was responsible for the design and development of three contemporary facades for the building.
The project was developed using Rosetta with both CAD and BIM software, allowing the team to rapidly explore several geometric variations of the facade's pattern and, in the end, produce an information model of the three parametric facades, from which we were able to extract material quantities and construction performance tests.
The design of the developed facades was based on the concepts of permeability-opacity and complexity-randomness. The facades use bricks of two sizes, that could be protruded from the facade's surface or not. The permeability is obtained through the absence of the smaller bricks. The decision between placing a bigger brick or four small bricks was randomly controlled, as also was the creation of protruded bricks and bricks absences.


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